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Practical Pistol
N.I.T.S.A Service Pistol B
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Practical Pistol

Practical Pistol Information

Practical shooting, also known as dynamic shooting or action shooting, is a set of shooting sports where the competitors are trying to unite the three principles of precision, power and speed, by using a firearm of a certain minimum power (caliber) to score as many points as possible during the shortest amount of time (or sometimes within a set maximum time). While scoring systems vary between organizations, each measures the time of which the course is completed, with penalties for inaccurate shooting. The courses are called “stages”, and are shot individually by the shooters.

Usually the shooter must move and shoot from several positions, fire under or over obstacles and in other unfamiliar positions. There are no standard exercises or set arrangement of the targets, and the courses are often designed so that the shooter must be inventive, and therefore the solutions of exercises sometimes varies between shooters.

NITSA competitions are open to all members, We also run female only competitions, staffed by our female instructors and Range Officers.

A full overview can be found on the website.

N.I.T.S.A Service Pistol B

Course of Fire

Stage 1: 25 metres 6 shots on left target in 15 seconds.
Stage 2: 20 metres 6 shots 3 on each target in 10 seconds.
Stage 3: 15 metres 6 shots on right target in 9 seconds.
Stage 4: 10 metres 6 shots 3 on each target in 6 seconds.


Any centrefire pistol or revolver calibre .354 to .455in.


Standing. Both hands may be used to hold or steady the pistol.

Ready Position

Pistol held at waist height pointing up range parallel to ground.


Two figure 11/59 charging man per competitor.

R.C.O. Commands:

  • “Six rounds load, make ready”
  • “Anyone not ready?”
  • “Targets away watch and shoot watch and shoot.”

After the Series is fired:

  • “Unload and show clear.”
  • “All clear.”
  • “Are there any protests?”
  • “No protests, face targets.”
  • “Advance and score.”
Additional Few Things

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